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Telemedicine for Head and Neck Ambulatory Visits During COVID-19: Evaluating Usability and Patient Satisfaction
  • Karthik Rajasekaran, MD
Karthik Rajasekaran, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Background: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rapid increase in telemedicine visits. Otolaryngology patient satisfaction with these visits has not yet been extensively studied using a validated survey.
Methods: All patients who had telemedicine visits with three head and neck surgeons, by phone or video-based platform, between March 25, 2020 and April 24, 2020. Retrospective chart reviews were conducted to determine demographic, disease and treatment information. Patients who had a video visit were contacted by telephone and, if they could be reached and consented, were administered the Telehealth Usability Questionnaire (TUQ).
Results: 100 surveys were completed. The average score across all questions was 6.01 on a scale from 1-7, where 7 indicated the highest level of patient agreement. The highest scores were for questions related to satisfaction with telehealth (6.29), while the lowest were related to reliability (4.86).
Conclusions: Patients are generally highly satisfied with telemedicine.