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Limited liver resection of a giant hepatic hemangioma is based on graft to recipient weight ratio, a case report
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  • gaofeng Tang,
  • Bing Wang,
  • shaotang zhou,
  • guoyong chen
gaofeng Tang

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shaotang zhou
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guoyong chen
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Aims: Major or limited liver resection of giant benign or malignant tumor is clinically challenging relating residual liver volume to. Here we reported a case of limited liver resection basing on graft to recipient weight ratio. Methods: A giant hepatic hemangioma was detected in a 36 year-old female patient using ultrasound and computerized tomography. His normal liver to total volume ratio was about 20%. We calculated that her remnant liver to body weight ratio was 1.61%, sufficient to support her body, so limited liver resection was conducted. Results: The patient went through a uneventful recovery, she was discharged home 11 days after liver resection and has been well on regular followup. Conclusions: Limited liver resection is feasible in technique following graft to recipient weight ratio.