Ram Khadka

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In December 31st 2019, an episode of Acute respiratory Disease syndrome (ARDS) was first noted in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. On 11th February 2020 WHO office gave the name as COVID-19 and universal advisory group on scientific classification of infections named SARS-COV-2. In view of the mass of the contaminated population that were wide opened to the creature meat advertise in Wuhan City, China, recommended that it is likely of the zoonotic starting point and has influenced 186 nations and regions .About 25% and 75% of the confirmed cases were from China and outside China separately with most elevated mortality and dreariness in Italy. Spurting hereditary qualities and clinical confirmation advocate a homology pathogenesis model as that of SARS CoV and MERS CoV in which the cytokine tempest and raised chemokine’s trigger safe structure in exaggerated way prompting various organ disappointment and lead to death in extreme cases. Individual to-individual course of COVID-19 contamination prompted the isolation of patients that were in this way regulated a decent variety of treatment. Extra special Surveillance and endeavour’s to diminish flow ought to be applied in hazard residents including youngsters, medicinal services suppliers. Confirmation of COVID-19 contamination requires nucleic corrosive testing by RT-PCR of tests of respiratory tract and clinical determination assume an indispensable job in early examination and assessment of ailment way. We systematically survey the sources, aetiology, disease transmission, pathogenesis, clinical indications, examination and prevention of COVID – 19, inspected from significant conveyed articles to provide extraordinary reference to expert.