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  • Authorea and the Thirty Meter Telescope

    Hello, welcome to Authorea!

    My name is Alberto and I wrote this short document to get you acquainted with Authorea. I am an Astronomerand Computer Scientist by training (I was a Postdoc at the Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics until 1 year ago) and with the help of some colleagues, I created Authorea - a collaborative writing platform for science.

    I received today a request for using Authorea for documents porduced by the Thirty Meter Telescope Time-domain science definition team. You should have received an email notification to open this article. How does it work? Double click anywhere on the text to start writing. In addition to simple text you can also add text formatted in boldface, italic, and yes, math in LaTeX too: \(E = mc^{2}\)! Add images by drag’n’drop or click on the “Insert Figure” button.

    Citing other papers is easy. Voilà: (Crampton 2008) and (Zimmerman 2010) for example. Click on the cite button in the toolbar to search articles and cite them. Authorea also comes with a powerful commenting system. Highlight the text you want to discuss or click the comment button. Try to make a test comment in this block, for example. Everybody will be notified of the new comment (to stop notifications, click on Unfollow).

    So, go ahead and feel free to use this paper as a testbed for TMT.

    Remember that you can easily manage multiple papers with the same author lists. Want to know how? Ask me.

    Find out more about using Authorea on our help page and feel free to contact me if you need anything! My email is


    1. David Crampton. Planning instrumentation for the Thirty Meter Telescope. SPIE Newsroom (2008). Link

    2. David C. Zimmerman. Feasibility studies for the alignment of the Thirty Meter Telescope. Applied Optics 49, 3485 (2010). Link