ResBaz Curriculum

Hello, welcome to the online curriculum for the Authorea hands-on session at ResBaz! This curriculum is intended to walk you through the exercises and challenges that we will cover during the Authorea workshop. You can access it at

First things, first. We will work in groups of 4-5 people. Why? Because most article collaborations in science have become less and less single authored, and more collaborative. And, 4-5 author collaborations seem to be a quickly growing trend in recent years.

Create an article

The purpose of this session is for your group to write a research paper together. So, each group should nominate a person to create the new article. If you are that person, go ahead and create an article! Note: If your group is for the most part social scientists or scholars for the humanities, make sure you create an article in Markdown. (You have to click on Advanced Settings).