Authorea acquires The Winnower

Alberto Pepe and Team Authorea

Authorea is entering a new chapter. We started out as a small side project by a handful of PhD physicists who wanted to make writing collaborative research documents less cumbersome. Today, with more than 60,000 researchers onboard, we're focused on five key areas of the research cycle: writing, citing, collaborating, hosting, and publishing. Our goal is to become the platform that helps accelerate the entire research cycle from writing through to publishing for the next generation of researchers and scientists. 

Today, in service of this mission, we're announcing that we've acquired The Winnower, a scholarly publishing platform with a simple vision: "All ideas should be openly discussed, debated, and archived." The Winnower has been one of the pioneers in the push towards a more transparent model of publishing, employing open post-publication peer review and providing a set of tools for researchers to benefit from publishing Grey literature.

The Winnower will power a range of publishing services for researchers who are writing on Authorea. Existing and new users will see a gradual roll-out of tools that are designed to help control the output and dissemination of research, including minting of DOIs, pre-print linking, and more. 

Join us in welcoming the founder of The Winnower, Josh Nicholson, to our team as Chief Research Officer. (We also welcome his dog Pete who will fill our newly created position as Chief Dog Officer.)

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