What is new at Authorea? Our Open Product Roadmap 🗓  

The Authorea Team


This is what's keeping us busy today:

  • Robust history view showing changes inside the document rather than raw git diffs
  • New user profile pages
  • Improved import and export from/to Microsoft Word
  • DOI minting so that you can publish your work right on Authorea and also send it to thousands of journals, in one click
  • Advanced author management to manage long and complex author lists
  • Advanced figure management to have data and code live "behind" your figures
  • Advanced citation management to format your citations like (Smith 2010, Morris 2009) and Smith (2010) and [Morris 2009], and so on.


This is some cool stuff we finished recently:

December 2016

  • We rolled out a Authorea Beta, our new editor to all our new users. Our new editor features a vastly improved writing experience, autosave, and content management.
  • Product onboarding to explain Authorea to new users

November 2016

  • New knowledge base (with search!) which replaces the old forum, help and FAQ pages: one place to find and ask questions.

October 2016

September 2016
  • Brand new redesign for our homepage. Did you see it yet? Log out (if you are logged in) and point your browser to https://www.authorea.com/

August 2016
  • We released 8,249 templates that allow you to start writing and exporting your articles following guidelines and citation formats set by journals
  • We opened Authorea's first Fellowship program to ambitious students who want to improve scholarly writing and publishing
  • Rendering speed increased due to core system upgrades

July 2016
  • We made our exporter a lot more reliable. Word export is now faster and produces better output
  • We added dictionary support for many, many languages. You can now spell check if you are writing in Bulgarian or Amharic
  • Sharing an Authorea article? We implemented the necessary metadata so that your articles preview nicely on Facebook or Twitter
  • We added Microsoft Office 365 OAuth to our sign up page for MS users

Looking for the User Forum? We decided to keep collecting feedback and bug requests via the Live Chat and openly sharing our Product Roadmap, rather than keeping the forum. We will work on another feature request / upvote system soon, so, please keep the feedback coming!

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