Authorea Partners with Italian Doctoral Association

June 14, 2016. We're pleased to announce a new partnership with the Italian national association of research doctoral students and graduates, ADI (Associazione dottorandi e dottori di ricerca italiani). The partnership will begin with the Rome-area Chapter of ADI. ADI Roma members will now have access to a free personal Premium plan and to a dedicated research group page on Authorea.

Since the number of users who will be able to take advantage of the partnership is limited, ADI is asking all its members (as well as prospective members) to submit an application form. Find more information (in English and Italian) and apply using by clicking this link.

ADI represents and protects PhD students and postdocs. It aims to increase grants, help in position search and security, and enhance the overall value of the PhD. Through this collaboration, we hope to make writing for academics easier and accelerate the scientific research process. Happy writing!

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