Authorea newsletter. Oct 2014

Hi friend,

Now that the academic year is back in full swing, we'd like to share with you some of our latest news. First things first: We are happy to announce that we have raised a round of investment from FF Ventures and the New York Angels! We are solidifying and growing our team which means that Authorea will get better faster. We will keep working toward our mission to accelerate science, to improve dissemination and quality of research results and to promote Open Science.

In terms of technical developments, we have implemented a bunch of new features and bug fixes. We wanted to highlight our sleek brand new commenting interface - try it now! Go ahead, highlight some text and click on the comment popup. It's fast and it will let you discuss your manuscripts with coauthors, reviewers, and the public.

We also (finally!) developed a word count feature which lets you... uhm... count words! But you know what, different journals have different ways of counting words and we got you covered for all of them.

One more feature which will make some of you happy is the Microsoft Word export. Yeah that's right. Whether you are writing a math-heavy LaTeX manuscript or a student review paper, you can now export your document to Word.

As usual, feel free to post your bug reports and feature requests on our feedback page or send us an email at with any questions.

Happy writing,
The Authorea team
(oh, we're hiring!)

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