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Predicting Translation and Deformation of Breast Cancer prior to Surgery
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  • Fluvio Lobo Fenoglietto,
  • Tres Sims,
  • James Inziello,
  • Jack Stubbs
Fluvio Lobo Fenoglietto
University of Central Florida

Corresponding Author:fluvio.lobo@gmail.com

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Tres Sims
University of Central Florida
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James Inziello
Jack Stubbs


Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, more than 300,000 new cases every year. Surgery is the most effective approach to curing breast cancer. Minimally invasive surgery is recommended but optional. Lumpectomies have a re-excision rate of 25%. Here we introduced a method for simulating the displacement and deformation of the breast, and underlying structures, during the prone-to-supine transition, as means of creating accurate 3D models for surgical planning.