Testing, testing...

First attempt using Authorea. Just messing with text options and doing some math markdown from scratch. Trying out the citation bits and linking to GitHub.

This is Bold, This is Italic

This is a quadratic equation:

\(\ y = x^{2} + 2x -3 \)

\( y = \frac{-2 \pm \sqrt{2^{2}-4(1)(-3)}}{2(1)}\)

\( y = \frac{-2 \pm \sqrt{4+12}}{2}\)

\( y = \frac{-2 \pm \sqrt{16}}{2}\)

\( y = \frac{-2 \pm {16}}{2}\)

\( y = \frac{-2 + {4}}{2} = 1\)

\( y = \frac{2 + {4}}{2} = -3\)

Now I'm going to just add a jellyfish here, because why not?

Hey, jellyfish. Just hanging out with your algebra friends?

And trying out citation functions: (Goodman 2014) Citing a paper that I very much enjoyed and also found on Authorea :) Not too shabby.

Now I’m just going to link this document to my GitHub account as a new repo.


  1. A. Goodman, A. Pepe, A. W. Blocker, C. L. Borgman, K. Cranmer, M. Crosas, R. Di Stefano, Y. Gil, P. Groth, M. Hedstrom, D. W. Hogg, V. Kashyap, A. Mahabal, A. Siemiginowska, A. Slavkovic. Ten Simple Rules for the Care and Feeding of Scientific Data. PLoS Computational Biology 10, 3542 (2014). Link

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