Contextual factors formal definitions



Having specified the three distinctive “what-if” scenarios, we can estimate uncertainty of a factor with the probability theory. In this section we further operationalise the concept of contextual factors by representing contextual factors as stochastic variables, which are parameterised by the earlier defined “what-if” scenarios.

Formally, assume m contextual factors \(\Gamma_{i},i=1,\ldots,m\). The magnitude of a contextual factor \(\Gamma_{i}\) is a random variable \(X_{i}\) with a triangular probability density function \(f_{i}(x_{i})\).

The \(f_{i}()\) is a triangular distribution \(f_{i}(x_{i}|a_{i},b_{i},c_{i})\), where \(a_{i},b_{i},c_{i}\)<