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Project Onboarding and Prospectus
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  • Isabel Steinhardt,
  • Flavio Azevedo,
  • maximilian.heimstaedt,
  • Katja Mayer,
  • Kwok Ng,
  • egon.willighagen,
  • ulf.toelch,
  • Lamia Ben,
  • Hendrik Tevaearai Stahel,
  • Rohit Goswami,
  • Monica Gonzalez-Marquez,
  • rgoswami,
  • Danny Haelewaters,
  • sam.parsons,
  • Helen Clare,
  • Tarandeep Kang,
  • Melanie Imming,
  • alex.arreola,
  • Tobias Steiner,
  • Loek Brinkman,
  • Miguel Silan,
  • Olmo van den Akker,
  • Kwok ng
Isabel Steinhardt
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Flavio Azevedo
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Katja Mayer
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Hendrik Tevaearai Stahel
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Rohit Goswami
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)
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Monica Gonzalez-Marquez
Cornell University
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Danny Haelewaters
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Helen Clare
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Tarandeep Kang
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Melanie Imming
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Tobias Steiner
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Loek Brinkman
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Miguel Silan
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Olmo van den Akker
Tilburg University
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Thank you so much for being willing to participate in this project and for your patience! I was overwhelmed by the responds and needed some time to write the following agenda. These are my first thoughts, I am sure I forgot something. Please don’t hesitate to add anything that comes to mind! For me it is important to create an open, positive and open-minded atmosphere in this project where everyone can say and add what you want! Any suggestions you find below are up for discussion. On some points, we have to decide together how to proceed (green writing). I have written down my ideas, but I look forward to hearing your opinions. I’m not a native speaker, so please excuse all the mistakes that are in the text.