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The efficiency of infographic compared to traditional methods in communicating a message.
  • Chong Siong Loong Ron
Chong Siong Loong Ron
Taylor's University

Corresponding Author:rcsl1997@gmail.com

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There are any different ways to handle large amount of information, one of the effective way in handling large amount of text is through visual. The use of infographics can deliver knowledge or information of a topic more effectively as compared to pure  text. However, it all depends on the efficiency of infographics compared to traditional method in communicating a message. To achieve the objective of this paper,  the researcher has designed a quantitative study "Survey questionnaire", a total number of 105 participants participated in the survey, data was collected with open-ended questions and close-ended questions during this study. Hence the researcher has also applied qualitative method ( focus group of 3 participants ) in this research paper, data was accumulated with open-ended question during this study. The study results pointed out that infographics is more efficient as compared to traditional in communicating a message. 
Keywords: Efficiency, Information graphics, Communication, Visual communication