Authorea - Wish List / Feature ListGeneral ThoughtsThis would be a great platform for professors or instructors that teach classes and create their own lecture notes.  I have seen them having to manually create their own websites and post files for people to download.  By using this platform, they have a dynamic platform on which to edit their class notes and bring in other collaborators (graduate students or teaching assistants) to collaborate.Technologies such as LaTeXML and PreTeXt are OK -- but they require a lot of "havy lifting" to install.  Plus, none of them are a platform for collaboration, such as what you have built.General FeaturesWhy isn't the LaTeX section text output in a font that resembles Latin Modern Roman?Spacing:UPDATE: Can you change the spacing between multiline equations?Why doesn't \vspace{1\baselineskip} work?  How do you add more space within a LaTeX block?Can you reference equations in another file? Right now, it looks like if you insert a reference, it only gives you the choice to reference an equation in the same document.Does it support highlighting certain formulas?Support for inserting PDF images - PENDINGIf I want to insert a figure in the middle of a LaTeX block, there is no way right now to "pinch off" that block and separate it into two blocks and insert a figure where I need it.Similarly, there is no way to combine two LaTeX blocks into one?Can you make the LaTeX editor block wider?Delete blocks - WORKSFile ManagementCan you group files / documents into certain folders or have some kind of structure?Can you use one header file for multiple documents?Can I build a page that acts as a link to all my other documents?