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Preprints are here to stay Preprints and preprint servers continue to gain popularity across disciplines, and the number of new preprints is growing at a rate significantly higher than journal articles. Researchers have many choices when it comes to hosting their preprint, and it can be challenging to know how to choose. So, why preprint in the first place?Still unsure about what a preprint is, and what the benefits of publishing one are? We have a full introductory article, and will summarize a few points here:Get publishedDisseminate your findings as soon as they are ready. Share your work without waiting for formal publication or final versions.Invite early comments and feedbackPreprints are open for all to read, so you can invite your colleagues to provide comments and feedback to help you improve your work. Establish creditGet credit for all your research outputs - articles, data sets, figures, and more - by uploading them on Authorea and minting a DOI. This way, you establish an early version of record which will always remain valid. And you can get cited while your work is under review!What about submitting to journals?Most journals accept submissions that have been published as preprints. Your preprint on Authorea will link to the final, published version of your article, so your final citation count won't be affected.How does Authorea compare to other preprint servers?Authorea is fast seamless publishingUpload your work easily and mint a DOI immediately. Other servers can take hours or days. Share your preprint with your colleagues right away.Publish many files, different formatsThe documents you publish on Authorea don't have to be traditional scholarly articles. You can publish anything: articles, data sets, code, figures, tables, slides, micropublications, and Jupyter Notebooks. Beautiful, HTML-based contentYour content will be hosted in an HTML-based environment, not a static PDF. Yes, you can even include Javascript-based visualizations like the one below in Figure 1.Open data and executable figuresUpload your data for review by your colleagues, and include fully executable figures in your work. Authorea enriches your content to make research interactive.