// Guideline to prepare your project report for A&P II lab (BY 474)  Rubric: Here is a detailed outline of the grading policy for the project report* These sections will also be considered during the midterm project evaluation. Section Description Points   Title page Include the title of the paper, your & partners name 2   Abstract* A concise description of the objective of the study, experiments performed and most important results (limit 150 words) 4   Introduction* Include the broader question underlying the present study (what has been done, why your research is important)  5     What are the specific questions asked in this study; clearly state your hypothesis 5     Explain the experimental set-up, variables, technology 5   Methods* Provide sufficient details in the description of the materials/methods so that it can be replicated elsewhere 15   Results Present/describe data in an organized fashion (the story should flow well) 5     Results should be easily interpreted from the figures and/or data tables 5     Properly analyzed the results (with appropriate statistics) 5   Discussion Critical evaluation on whether the results match or contradict original hypothesis 5     Major weakness (if any) in the present experiments and what experiments could be done in the future to address that 5     How the results fit/adds to the current body of literature 5   References At least 10 relevant references (could be journal article/textbook); appropriate formatting of references (see below) 4   Overall How well have you incorporated four different physiological measurements (that you have learned in the lab) to your project? 10     Execution of experiments: Do you have a sufficient number of subjects? Is your data sufficiently clean? Did you consider necessary controls experiments?  20             Total 100