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The field of data networking has been revolutionized along with wireless networks. These networks have helped both business organization as well as the home user. With the help of a wireless network, it is possible to access the network at varied locations within the home. New age wireless routers have a built-in wireless access point that provides the ease of both wired as well as wireless connections. If you are also looking for a wireless network for your use then you can purchase Unifi Wireless Access point.  The world prior to Wireless Access points-Before the Wireless access points were introduced the Ad Hoc networks operated within which two or more wireless-enabled devices interacted along with each other within a range. Ad Hoc networks for common themes are great but are not that efficient for general internet connections. Unlike Ad Hoc networks the wireless networks engaging Wireless access points have varied advantages. One of the advantages is that they can be secured along with right security protocols and also they have more than one access points which support multiple WLANs. These WLANs are connected to the common wired Local Area network.  The application of Wireless Access Points-Things have changed for better over these years. Networking on its whole has undergone a huge transformation. Take for instance the diverse application of Wireless access points. These points are employed for providing wireless access to a corporate LAN and it is along with these multiple access points that roaming is viable. For control, the WLAN controller is employed. This controller managed a group of APs within a LAN environment. Apart from the above Wireless Access points also allow the public to connect to the internet. One could find their usage at hotels, supermarket and other public areas. If you are also in search of the wireless access point for yourself it is always wise to go with Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless Access Point.