In today’s time of high inflation, it’s nearly impossible to fund your dream home with your little savings. Also, prior financial commitments make it all the more difficult to turn your dream into reality. Relax! The home loan would be ideal financial solutions that will help you fulfill your wish to own your home at the preferred location with ease. If you’re a first time home loan borrower, then you would be busy chalking out plans to shortlist the lenders that offer best home loan interest rates. If you are one of those applying for a housing loan, here are some handy tips that will help you get affordable interest rates.ResearchMost people in the quest to get funds to buy their home apply for the first lender that sanctions loan for you. However, non-banking finance companies have generated a scope to get loans at attractive interest rates. Today, the competition is running stiff and its the borrower who is able to get the benefits. Therefore, visit multiple loan aggregator sites, and easily compare the current home loan interest rates from them, and then choose the one that suits your requirements and proves affordable on your pockets.Good Credit ScoreYour credit score plays a vital role in determining the interest rates. This three-digit score ranges from 300-900 and reflects your creditworthiness. It proves how you make your repayments on time. The higher the score, better would be your chances of availing loan at lower interest rates. Paying credit card bills, other loans EMIs on time will improve your credit score. Before making a home loan application you can check your CIBIL score for free from credit information companies like TransUnion CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, and Highmark. Experts say it's better to maintain a healthy credit score at least six months prior to applying for home loans.Fixed or Floating interest ratesIdeally, there are two types of home loan interest rates fixed or floating rates. Under fixed the interest rate remains constant throughout out the loan tenure, however, its slightly higher because the risk is taken by the lending company against market fluctuations. While floating will vary every year as per lending rates offered to the firm, and government policies. Floating rates are slightly lower than fixed housing loan interest rates and if they go higher it's not for entire loan tenure. There are no prepayment penalties on housing loan for floating interest rates.Check for other benefitsWhile low home loan interest rates with flexible repayment will be on the top of your lists of benefits while availing home loan, eye on other benefits as well such as principal holiday period, top-ups, balance transfer, yearly EMI waiver, the concession for women applicants, festival offers, etc.Loan Tenure Tenure plays important role in borrowing money. Since a home loan is a long-term commitment where you have to pay installments regularly for around 20-25 years or even stretch a bit. Longer the tenure lesser would be your EMIs but more interest rates you would shell out of your pockets. Lesser the tenure higher would be your EMIs but less interest rate you will have to pay to the lenders.