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Data analysis of the impact of age on riding Citibike 
  • Rufei sheng
Rufei sheng
New York University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Citi Bike has successfully catch the first mover advantages in applying sharing economy in city’s transportation system. This paper aims to examine the idea that young people tend to support and use Citi Bike more than other groups. In order to do so, first the hypotheses are established with users split into two group (young group and other age group). Then, the dataset of trip information is got from Amazon Web Services (AWS) with reproducible approach. After that, some data processing and t-test analyzing methods are applied. In conclusion, there is no statistic significant evidence show that young people ride more than other age groups. For further research, a larger dataset that more than one month can be used to increase the persuasiveness of the test. In addition, the interesting finding of seasonal effect also need further research.