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Do younger CitiBikers ride longer?
  • Sam
NYU Center for Urban Science & Progress

Corresponding Author:shb395@nyu.edu

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This analysis explores the relationship between ride duration and rider age for Millenial and Generation X male CitiBike riders. I narrowed the focus of my analysis to CitiBike rides taken in July and August 2018 by male riders born between 1965 and 1996 (this date range encompasses Millenials and Gen Xers). I performed Pearson's and Spearman's correlation tests on my sorted birth years and average ride durations (alpha level = .05). The Pearson's test resulted in a relatively large correlation coefficient (.82) with a p value approaching 0 while the Spearman's test resulted in a correlation coefficient of 1 and a p value of 0. While the tests indicate strong correlations between rider age and average ride duration,  we still must take caution when interpreting the results. Each correlation test was performed on a relatively small data set. I conclude by proposing other ways to strengthen the analysis with more data.