A List of papers that perform the water budget estimation

\label{tab:}Table of papers estimating the water budget at different spatial and time scales
Study Method (model) Spatial Scale Time span (resolution Location
Fayez A Abdulla (2007) Satellite, VIC model 87498 - 409298 km\({}^{2}\) annual (daily) Arkansas-Red River
Adelana et al. (2014) In situ data (groundwater)- 20110-2012 1.6 km\({}^{2}\) and 3.4 km\({}^{2}\) hourly to annual south-Western Victoria, Australia
Arnold et al. (2016) Modeling (SWAT) 122-248 km\({}^{2}\) Annual (1951-1957) Illinois, U.S.
Azarderakhsh et al. (2011) Satellite data Daily (September 2002December 2006); large scale Amazon basin budget closure
Batelaan et al. (2007) Modeling (WetSpass); In situ measurements 694-1677 km\({}^{2}\) Monthly-Yearly Belgium
Bertoldi et al. (2006) Modeling; In situ measurements 9 Km\({}^{2}\) and 603 km\({}^{2}\) hourly Trento, Italy; Oklahoma, U.S.
Brye et al. (2000) In situ measures sites in a 2.5 km\({}^{2}\) area Annual (weekly), 1995-1998 arlington Agricoltural Research Station, WI, U.S.
Graf et al. (2014) In situ observation (Precip, incoming shortwave radiation, Air temperature, vapor pressure, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, runoff etc) 38.52 ha small, forested subcatchment 1 May 2010 to 30 April 2013; 3 year study period; daily time step West Germany
Chen et al. (2005) Modelling; In situ measurements Sampling sites in Yun-Lin plan  1000 km\({}^{2}\) daily (1991-1998) Taiwan
Claessens et al. (2006) Modelling plus various data 404 km\({}^{2}\) annual simulations (daily time steps) Ipswich River basin
Cook et al. (2016) In situ measurements (sap flow), Empirical Formulas, 2500 m\({}^{2}\) daily 1996 (hourly) Tropical woodland, Northern Australia
Dages et al. (2009) In situ measurements 27 ha hourly/ sub hourly south France
Dean et al. (2016) CATHY model, in situ measurements, sap flow 0.8 and 0.5 km\({}^{2}\) hourly, 2011-2014 south-eastern Australia
Fang et al. (2015) Modeling (PArFlow); in site measurements 38.5 ha hourly/sub-hourly Germany
Fleischbein et al. (2006) Modeling (TOPMODEL) 8 ha - 13 ha hourly Zamora-Chinchipe, Equador
Gao et al. (2010) Remote sensing 35058-1353269 km\({}^{2}\) Annual (monthly) Major US rivers
Graf et al. (2014) Modeling, in situ measurements 38 ha Annual (monthly) Rur, Germany
Harder et al. (2007) In situ measurement (including water table); Formulas; 180 ha Annual 2003-2004 (monthly) Lowland Southeast U.S.
Hentschel et al. (2013) Modeling Single trees measurements Single trees daily Swabian Alb, Germany
Herron et al. (2001) In situ measurements An alluvial fan Events Soth Australia
Hingerl et al. (2016) Modeling (GEOtop); in situ measurements 55 km\({}^{2}\) hourly Germany
Högström (1968) In situ observation of precipitation, soil water, evapotranspiration, streamflow, groundwater Area 1.77 km2 six years (1958-1964); monthly time steps (?) Southern Sweden
Huntington et al. (2012) Modeling (GSFlow) 54 km\({}^{2}\) daily Nevada, U.S.
Hutley et al. (1997) In situ measures (rainfall, steamflow,throughfall, TDR etc.) Single trees (10 x 10 m - 20 x 16 m) Annual Gabumbal State Forest, Quennsland, Australia
Kochendorfer et al. (2010) Modelling 0.01 km\({}^{2}\) Monthly North-central Colorado and Chichasha, Oklahoma, U.S.
Jothityangkoon et al. (2001) Modelling, observed monthly rainfall Collie River Basin (2545 km\({}^{2}\)) Monthly and daily Semiarid western Australia
Landerer et al. (2010) Satellite measurements (especially GRACE) The whole northern emisphere annual (2003-2009) Eurasian Pan-Arctic basins
Lewis et al. (2012) Modeling (GEOtop); in situ measurements 76 ha hourly/sub-hourly Ireland
Lewis et al. (2000) Precipitation and discharge data combined with simple water balance equation model Area 103 ha 17 years (at annual scale) Sierra-Nevada (California)
Lorenz et al. (2012) Reanalysis Global Earth Annual(1995-2005) Global Earth
Luxmoore (1983) In situ data Single points 2 years (sub-hourly) Tennesse, U.S.
Marengo (2005) Combination of observations (station and gridded for precipitation) and the global reanalyses (NCEP/NCAR) data Amazon River Basin For a period of 1970-1999; at daily time step Amazon river basin
Maxwell et al. (2016) ParFlow model 6.3 million km2; 1km resolution one year at hourly time step Major river basins in North America (US)
Mazur et al. (2011) In situ measurements of of hourly precipitation, soil and air temperature, humidity, global radiation, wind speed and wind direction Area 6 ha; 20 m X 20 m hourly data Artificial Chicken Creek catchment (East Germany)
Mitchell et al. (2003) Empirical formulas; 27 km\({}^{2}\) daily (1978-1996) Curtin Catchment, Camberra, Australia
Munier et al. (2014) Satellite data integration method Spatial resolution: 0.5\({}^{o}\); Mississippi river basin closed at Vicksburg gauging station (2,964,255 km2) at monthly time scale Mississippi river
Niedzialek et al. (2012) In situ measurements 16.7 ha hourly Panama
Obojes et al. (2014) Experimental sites Site Five census periods Austria-Frances-Swittzerland
Ogden et al. (2014) Modeling; in situ measurements 36-175 km\({}^{2}\) daily (2009-2012) Panama
Oliveira et al. (2014) Remote Sensing (TRMM, MOD16, GRACE); modelling  2000000 km\({}^{2}\) Yearly (2003-2010) Brazilian Cerrado
Pan et al. (2006) Ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation of observation and VIC land surface model Area 75000 km2 Monthly (daily) Southern Great Plan region of USA
Pan et al. (2016) In situ measurements of precipitation, evapotranspiration, soil moisture, snow Filed scale (500X500 meter) for two years Monthly (2013-2014 Saskatchewan (Canada)
Qu et al. (2016) In situ mesurements  1 ha hourly/sub-hourly Germany
Rodell et al. (2015) Remote Sensing; reanalysis Global Earth Annual Earth