It has been seen that every year there are a number of Indians who wish to migrate to the US and the number has been increasing though. But with a 10+ year, visa backlog for China EB-5 has resulted in the slow-down of EB-5 investors from China, and the Regional Centers and Developers that have actually been considered good investors from India. This factor was initially was a lukewarm interest to the Indians and have come with huge scepticism by the Indian community. Later there were changes to H-1B adjudication and wait times of 10+ years for India EB-2 and EB-3 which has further sparked the interest of Indian nationals who are now supposed to explore the EB-5 as a feasible possibility to their migration afflictions. Adding to it, there were speculations to make people aware of EB-5 by educating them with marketing efforts as previously these efforts were focused more on the Chinese and Vietnamese nationals. Then it is seen that consultations with potential Indian clients involved a bit more than recognizing the steps in the procedure and clarifying terms. Thus, this article will say about the guide to EB-5 would help the Indian nationals who are wishing in pursuing EB-5 as an option. Let’s kick off the article with a brief overview of the three steps that are essential for the EB-5 process. The three Steps of the EB-5 process are: I-526 Petition:  Here the investor files an I-526 petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services; this is once the investment has been made. This I-526 petition includes the I-526 form and two sets of documents: Project Documents and Investor Documents. The approval these forms will not permit the investor or family any rights in the U.S. In its place, the I-526 sanction can be thought of as a ticket that certifies the investor and dependent family member to apply for a green card in the US. As of now, the processing time is about 18 months on an average.Consular Processing or Adjustment of Status is another step which is once the I-526 petition is approved then if there’s immediately available, the spouse, the investor and any child who is under the age of 21 at the time of filing the I-526 petition, are entitled to apply for their green cards. But if there is a visa backlog, the investor and family members shall wait until a visa becomes available or before they are eligible to apply or obtain or for their conditional residency status.I-829 Petition is the final step of the EB-5 process. This says that within the 90 days beforehand the termination of the conditional resident status, the family members and the investors must file an I-829 petition with USCIS. The current processing time for I-829 petitions is about 2 years, but the timely filing of the I-829 petition may extend the conditional residency period for 18 months. In case any extension lapses, or for anything take an appointment at the local USCIS office. And for further assistance to the all the above stated points and process Green Card Resolution is the right choice as we make your dream to live in America a reality. Don’t forget to log on and leave your message at – or visit