PC Matic Antivirus Software is known as security provider to your system and with its special while-list technology. Boost your personal computer, further no another weapon that can compete with PC Matic. Though, Sometimes a lot of people complains that when the use or run a certain program in their system, then the PC Matic stops running or working but they don't know how to do that.PC Matic not workingPC Matic not working is a very common issue to facing we are it may have created when we try to scan the wrong message with our "System working left meticulous? We can take a knife at the majority of times we are doing the production number and every time we do not make the mistake by not working or running PC Matic.Here is no problem or doubts that PC Matic not working on their frameworks. If your PC Matic is not working and you are looking the best solution for that so you are in the right place here are we given a solution for solving your PC Matic problem? You just need to apply these all the guidelines after that your Pc Matic is working well again hope it so.Causes of PC Matic is not working message1.       If you've installed Windows updates recently.2.       If you've checked any program file.3.       If the crashed message flashed after working a system scan.4.       If there is any affected file which is interfering the PC Matic.5.       If a hard drive failed due to any reason.Ways to fix PC Matic is not working1.       Ensure that javascript is notable.2.       Disable the background applications, firewall programs, affected files, threads which are corrupted the scripts and manipulate that files which are used by PC Matic leading to malfunction.3.       Try to run for the test, you should change the internet explorer security to medium security zone mode to see the issue with that tool.4.       If your Windows failed that means your video drives are totally corrupted and therefore still stops working. In that case, you just need to click on the control panel- performance and then press on the graphics button and next the acceleration slider to the extreme left.5.       Now restart your system let the setting check its working or not.6.       The Active X control removal weapon run and uninstall the PC Matic tool from there. Now install it again and see if the message still displays while opening the program.7.       Try to run the PC Matic is compatibility mode if it is not working in Windows 8/10.If your Pc is not working Matic or have been left working  If you have got any problem that are in the event, so you can contact PC Matic technical support phone number for getting quick help. If you don't have any idea how to contact them so you can visit their website or make a call them anytime they will help you in that case.Your Pc Matic Antivirus RestoredPlease firstly open the Pc Matic and produce another and you know what is not resolving that problem. If by bad luck your still problem is not been working so you got even this problem is serious so you can open a ticket in their support work side then you cannot get any kind of information and call to pc matic or phone number then your pc matic is not working.