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Droplets II: Velocity Gradient and Angular Momentum
  • Hope How-Huan Chen
Hope How-Huan Chen
Harvard University

Corresponding Author:hhchen@cfa.harvard.edu

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We present the study of the velocity gradient inside the droplets, a population of thermalized, pressure-confined, sub-0.1 pc structures recently found across L1688 in Ophiuchus and B18 in Taurus.  In the first part of this series, we demonstrate that the droplets could represent a relatively long-lived intermediate stage between large-scale structure formation and further star formation.  In this paper, we look at the velocity distribution within the droplets, using the Green Bank Ammonia Survey (GAS) observations of NH3 hyperfine line emission.  In particular, we examine the velocity gradients of these droplets, and try to provide an estimate of the rotational motions of the droplets, which could be used as a reference for future study of disk formation.