Additives are the liquid which is added with the motor oil to enhance its performance. They have been used since many years and have performed well but during the last few years their reputation has been degraded. Since last few years lots of negative reviews about the engine oil additives have been published and spread. These negative reviews were supported by greatly by few groups of special interest, but the latest reviews have been published now which say that when they are added to the engine oil they produce long term benefits to the engine and this has been proved. They make the motor oil what it should be. Before proceeding further it is important to know that there are two types of oil additives available in market. The ones which are manufactured by reputed companies and are tried and tested and the ones which are made by individuals and have been labeled falsely as tested even when they are not. This is how the reputation of even the best oil additive has been spoiled. However there are numerous companies who are manufacturing and selling properly documented additives. Some of them are Oronite, Infineum, Power Up, Ethyl, Wynn’s, Bardahl, SFR, STPb etc. Well these are just a few, there are many other companies too. The lubricants which are available in the market have additives as an important constituent because they are not capable of protecting the vital parts of the engine alone. They are just the synthetic base oils and it is the restore oil additive which actually performs. However the when the effectiveness of the engine oil additive is questioned, generally two questions arise. Firstly why don’t the original equipment manufacturers don’t recommend the engine oil additives if they are so effective and secondly why the oil industry don’t indulges in additives business if they are so effective.  The answer to the first question is that the car manufactures or the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) want that the engine should be working only up to the guarantee period which is provided by the company. It means that their engineers have manufactured for a specific time period and they should be replaced by that time (means you should by a new car). Using the best engine oil additive can increase the life of the engine, which the car manufacturers don’t want. It’s all about business! The answer to the second question is that there are big companies who are in to additive business but with a different brand name. This brand name is a part of their corporate group, but exactly not same. Also these big companies spend thousands of dollars in trying and testing the performance of the engine oil additives because they don’t want their reputation to get spoiled. It is also a fact that most of the additives are supplied in the market through these oil companies only. Lastly, the conclusion is that the restore oil additives are good for your engine and they can enhance its life. Only you need to take about the brand which you are buying.