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INTRODUCTION You are strongly encouraged to use for the preparation of your camera-ready manuscript together with the corresponding Springer class file llncs.cls. Only if you use of your manuscript. The LaTeX source of this instruction file for LaTeX users may be used as a template. This is located in the “authors” subdirectory in entitled typeinst.tex. There is a separate package for Word users. Kindly send the final and checked source and PDF files of your paper to the Contact Volume Editor. This is usually one of the organizers of the conference. You should make sure that the LaTeX and the PDF files are identical and correct and that only one version of your paper is sent. It is not possible to update files at a later stage. Please note that we do not need the printed paper. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not possible to modify a paper in any way, once it has been published. This applies to both the printed book and the online version of the publication. Every detail, including the order of the names of the authors, should be checked before the paper is sent to the Volume Editors. Checking the PDF File Kindly assure that the Contact Volume Editor is given the name and email address of the contact author for your paper. The Contact Volume Editor uses these details to compile a list for our production department at SPS in India. Once the files have been worked upon, SPS sends a copy of the final pdf of each paper to its contact author. The contact author is asked to check through the final pdf to make sure that no errors have crept in during the transfer or preparation of the files. This should not be seen as an opportunity to update or copyedit the papers, which is not possible due to time constraints. Only errors introduced during the preparation of the files will be corrected. This round of checking takes place about two weeks after the files have been sent to the Editorial by the Contact Volume Editor, i.e., roughly seven weeks before the start of the conference for conference proceedings, or seven weeks before the volume leaves the printer’s, for post-proceedings. If SPS does not receive a reply from a particular contact author, within the timeframe given, then it is presumed that the author has found no errors in the paper. The tight publication schedule of LNCS does not allow SPS to send reminders or search for alternative email addresses on the Internet. In some cases, it is the Contact Volume Editor that checks all the final pdfs. In such cases, the authors are not involved in the checking phase. Additional Information Required by the Volume Editor If you have more than one surname, please make sure that the Volume Editor knows how you are to be listed in the author index. Copyright Forms The copyright form may be downloaded from the “For Authors" (Information for LNCS Authors) section of the LNCS Website: to the Contact Volume Editor, either as a scanned pdf or by fax or by courier. One author may sign on behalf of all of the other authors of a particular paper. Digital signatures are acceptable.