The POS system is the invaluable and inseparable part of every restaurant business. Today, you have the advanced POS with modern technology which offers enhanced platform in multiple locations. This helps the owners of the restaurants in maintaining comprehensive databases for various products and customers and enables tracking of inventory and purchases. These advanced features are no doubt immensely helpful for the running of your restaurant business. However, along with a dedicated POS support, the integration of the system with QuickBooks is also quite essential for the restaurant owners. The QuickBooks pos integration helps in perfect syncing of the various operations of the business and also offers a great boost to the overall efficiency of your restaurant activities. Here are some reasons which specify as to why you must consider QuickBooks restaurant pos integration. Integration Is Sure To Save A Lot Of Time: No manager or owner of the restaurant would want to give a lot of time in entering data into the system. Most of the systems of POS use the feature of data capture which helps in creating invaluable information related to the products, customers, and sales. However, if there is no integration between the QuickBooks and POS, all the data get entered twice in the system. Then again, you need to reformat and transfer the data for correct posting in the QuickBooks. This increases work unnecessarily. With integration, on the other hand, all the records of the suppliers and inventory get automatically transferred in the QuickBooks account. Eliminates Human Errors: It can never be denied that the computation abilities of the computers are much more than human beings. So, with integration, human errors of manual posting get eliminated completely as the system becomes totally automated. You get access to all the original information related to pricing structures, inventory reports, and other complex orders. Combination Of The Tools Of Analysis: Many of the POS systems come with amazing tools for analysis which help in designing sales strategies and also help to monitor the performance of sales. With the combination of QuickBooks and POS, the reporting and analytical tools become double which further enhances the power of decision-making. Effective integration of POS with QuickBooks helps to create more opportunities for the financial members, sales team and managers of the restaurants. They can conduct restaurant accounting with ease and also evaluate performance for the better collaboration of business operations.
One of biggest challenges of the ‘AP invoice processing’ is over-dependence on the ‘paper-based’ processes and people. This manual, labor-intensive ‘paper-based’ process creates huge errors that result in the high cost for every invoice and reduces the operational efficiency. The best way to streamline the workflow in the restaurants is by the restaurant software solutions. There are a plethora of benefits of automating the ‘AP invoice’ processing in the restaurant industry. The Merits Associated with Automating the ‘AP Invoice’ Processing Saves Time Appreciably: One of the key benefits of automating the ‘AP invoice’ processing it helps in saving time in the restaurant industry considerably. Payment of vendors on time, customer deadlines and having adequate cash in banks are reasons for reducing the AP process with the help of the automated system. With the help of the ‘electronic invoice,’ the members of the ‘AP department’ that includes the accountants and managers can digitally follow the invoice through their system easily. The employees with the approved ‘AP system’ access view, print, share and retrieve the comments as well as approve the ‘invoice’. The advantage of the ‘automated’ system is that it eliminates the requirement for sending invoices through email or interoffice mail for instructions of ‘hand-written’ approvals for the payment of the invoice. Augments Efficiency: Automated AP invoice processing can help companies in improving customer service and vendor relations with accountability and ‘real-time’ service. An effective restaurant system software can streamline the workflow and increase the operational efficiency in the restaurants. Decreases the ‘Physical Storage’ Space: The file cabinets are expensive, cumbersome, heavy and takes up a lot of office space. Apart from contributing to a healthy atmosphere, lowering the paper volume appreciably helps in cost-cutting by helping to save on the ‘storage facility’ rentals and office supplies. The advantage of going digital is that no files would be defaced or misplaced as these pass through the ‘invoice process’. Secures Data: The AP department handles a heavy amount of money daily. The benefit of automating the ‘AP invoice processing’ is that it appreciably helps in securing the data. Restaurant software also helps in successful auditing. Many of the automated ‘invoice processing’ systems have the ‘automated payment’ systems.  The electronic payments get rid of the big cost chunks as the ‘paper checks’ are costly. Cost-Saving: Automation would help you save money by permitting you to take benefit of the ‘pre-payment’ discounts. Beyond the discounts, the automated system would help in avoiding late payments as the invoices are monitored better and approved quickly. It can be seen that adding ‘automation’ to the different areas of a restaurant business like the ‘AP department’ can be immensely helpful. It saves both money and time and allows the ‘c-level stakeholders’ for investing into the business. Overall operational efficiency in your restaurant business would improve with an automated system compared to manual processing. Moreover, your sensitive business data would be well protected as there would be no paper invoices lying in the vulnerable areas. For all these multitudes of benefits, it is worth automating your AP ‘invoice processing’.