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Review report template for IJQC's Executable & Interactive Article Special Issue
  • Matteo Cavalleri,
  • Alberto Pepe
Matteo Cavalleri

Corresponding Author:mcavalleri@wiley.com

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Alberto Pepe
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Please use this section to briefly summarize the manuscript, put its findings into the context of the existing state–of–the–art, indicate the overall significance of the work, provide an impression of the overall quality of the work and its strengths, state whether there are any major flaws or weaknesses, and recommend a course of action (Accept, Revise, Reject) to the editor.
Please be aware that that IJQC's Executable & Interactive Article Special Issue feature a Transparent Peer Reviewer workflow, which means that the reviewer reports associated to the article published (like this one) will be published alongside the accepted articles. Let us know here if your name can be publicly associated to your report once published or should anonymized. Please note that before acceptance of the article, your identity will be unknown to the authors (The referee report in Authorea shows your name but this is visible only to the editor).
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