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It is wisely said and understood that the - Waste managers are modern-day alchemists! Nonetheless, their work and the industry don't get justified attention from the wider community! But, they still try to maintain the sustainability factor to the core by initiating projects for the cities and communities. Since generations, we have seen that this section of society has been overlooked. This can be for a lot of reasons. Despite the facts and figures associated with this part of community management the government and organizations are trying their bit to meet the demands and needs of the civilians. The vision: To make Bhopal the most liveable and the most environmentally sustainable and self-sufficient city in the country using the latest sustainable growth planning methods."The scope and recognition Under the guidance and support of Bhopal smart city mission of Government of India, this issue has been addressed and it seems that the scope is huge to cater to. This project intends to build sustainable cities all across India. Owing to this Bhopal Smart City is one of those missions to offer a good quality life to its citizens. There has been a technological improvement for processing, execution and disposal of solid waste in the city. The energy that comes from waste is a crucial factor of SWM because it diminishes the amount of waste from disposal. It also assists in transforming waste into renewable energy and organic compost. Ideally, it befalls in the flow chart after division, gathering, recycling and just before putting it to the landfill. Considering this Bhopal smart city development corporation limited (BSCDCL) has come into their full potential to work on solid waste management. Methods of execution Installation of waste-to-compost and bio-methanation plants will help to lessen the load of landfill sites. Bhopal has a large land area plus it has lakes surrounded that are being strategically used for solid waste landfills. to a fact: The biodegradable segment of India’s solid waste is currently assessed at a little over 50 per cent. Bio-methanation is a solution for treating biodegradable waste which also persists to be underexploited. Believing this if we segregate biodegradable waste from the rest of the elements then we can reduce the challenges by half. we know that E-waste components comprise toxic materials and are non-biodegradable which proffer both occupational and environmental health threats. this includes toxic smoke from recycling processes as well. this additionally, causes leaching from e-waste in a landfill that is near to local water tables.Accountability and execution Around 100 cities are set to be extended as smart cities. Bhopal one of them has started working on solid waste management. with solid waste stations in the city and nearby centres, the project aims to reduce, reuse, recycle, and rise above all the waste issues. The Civic bodies have worked on strategies for a long term vision in solid waste management with excellent features. Centres like - Arif Nagar, Bairagarh, Transport Nagar, Bhadbhada and many more are working well. The strategy involves - a fully automated system with a capacity of 20 cubic meters. The team is also working on waste's total segregation of green compactors for wet and blue for dry waste. This will help inadequate provisioning in processing and recycling. community participation is a mandate for such projects to effectively work and commence. We request you all, for your support and involvement for a better and safe environment.
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Since our prime minister has incorporated the smart city program all over India it has triggered immensely in the minds of civilians and organizations. This initiative has brought a lot of questions revolving around the concept and the execution of Smart city mission. Eventually, this transformation got sorted with the Government’s vision and policies put in place.  What is smart city mission - overview This mission is for every Tier 1 to Tier 2 cities in order to make them smart in terms of all the aspects in a civilised and well-structured city. Out of these, this blog is about Bhopal – the city of lakes. Bhopal is one among the 20 lighthouse cities which have been selected in the first round of challenge and now it is expected to create a replicable model which will be an example for rest of the cities. Bhopal has been chosen for its redevelopment model creating an ocean of opportunities for investments, the creation of new jobs and generation of revenue through land monetization with the strategic focus on transit-oriented development. Hence, we can say that Bhopal is a lighthouse city but with a difference that will set an example for other lighthouse cities. Bhopal plus app and mayor express under Bhopal smart city mission Here we will let you know about Bhopal plus app, which is an amazing application for the citizens of Bhopal. The Bhopal plus app went live on 7th Nov 2016 with the great support of central and state Government. There are about 20 citizen-centric services available on Bhopal Plus platform. The main features of Bhopal plus app are quite helpful to the local citizens of Bhopal as they can pay a lot of bills of the utility and other daily emergencies. This is collaboration Platform which is for the interaction between government and citizens through discussion, polls, blogs, etc. This all occurred publicly and the results were tremendous. In the initial phase only there were 15000+ downloads via Google Play Store & Apple Store. Moreover, the application fetched around 1,000,000+ INR of taxes (Property & Water) that were processed every month via Bhopal Plus app by the citizens. Not just this it has a public dashboard and live city feeds with grievance redressal and a register to track BMC related complaints. You can pay and avail services like: Electricity Bill Payment, BMC services (Property tax payment, water tax payment, apply for birth/death/marriage certificate), Bus Route Planner, Towed vehicle search, Emergency SOS service ( which is also dedicated particularly for women in need – they just need to call on the assigned number and they will get help on an immediate basis). Not just another application which is connected with Bhopal plus app is the mayor express which is a smart handyman service for your utilities and digital payments. It is for the domestic work of Bhopal city's citizenry to be made available conveniently on the telephone, under which there are 12 domestic services like electrician, painter plumber, carpenter, driver etc.