If you have never been to Myanmar before then you should definitely consider visiting there some time. It is the second largest state in Southern Asia Continent and it certainly one of the best-looking states as well. Myanmar boasts of an impressive skyline of high-rise buildings and a beautiful harbor at Inle Lake. If you are not there for the views of the lake, then you still have enough activities to cater for everything from local cuisines and tours. You can take your kids out for a quiet afternoon walk along the Inle Lake or perhaps you can spend the whole day there just relaxing in the lake show.Finding accommodation might be your hardest decision to make because there are so many options to choose from. Hotel Near Bamboo Hut would be the best place that you can stay during your stay in nyaung shwe hotel, Myanmar. For many years this hotel continues to numerous visitors as it’s well connected to the good transport network and also offers the best delicious meals.Since you will be on holiday for a short period you must look for the best places that you can visit in Myanmar for you to have a memorable stay. Some of the best ones are: 1.    Bagaya KyaungThis teak monastery is one of the most memorable attractions in Inwa which was constructed in the year 1834. It’s supported by 267 teal posts, the largest being 9 ft in circumference and 60 ft high thereby creating a dark and cool place where the local residents pray. The stained timbers have been inscribed with lotus flower motifs and repeating peacock.2.    Ananda PahtoThis’ s one of the most revered, best preserved, largest and finest temples that you can find in Began. It has gold corn-cob hti of 170 ft which shimmers across the plains. It’s believed to have been built by King Kyanzittha between 1090 to 1105. Although this site was damaged in the year 2016 by an earthquake, it still remains open for visitors as it has been repaired. 
Myanmar is one of the beautiful and serene countries in Asia which is best known for its green forests and elephants. Myanmar was initially called Burma, but this name is still used.  In case you wish to visit this lovely country it’s good that you take the Myanmar tours which are organized by reputed travel agents. When you’re in Myanmar it’s good that you find the best place where you can stay and the Hotel Near Hut is one such place that you should miss. When you’re in Myanmar and you’re planning to visit the tourist attraction sites near Inle Lake, then you can decide to book your accommodation at the Hotel near Bamboo Hut for the number of days that you wish to stay there. For many years it has remained the best hotel where many tourists like to stay so that they can relax during their trip since you can easily access many sites.Some of such sites that you can visit are:Visiting the stilt villageWhen you’re at inle hotel you’ll realize that many of the villages at this place is built on top of stilts over the water. You can take a boat ride around this village while you take photographs with your family of friends. Many of the people who live here are fishers and farmers but you can also get some pagodas, small temples, schools, and shops all of which are built on stilts.Washing the traditional fishermen at the lakeThe fishermen at Inle Lake has a unique technique of leg rowing. In this technique they do wrap one of their legs around an oar which guides the boat through the water, thereby leaving their hands free so that they can handle the nets. They do balance using one leg while holding their conical nets. The best time that you can see such kind of performance is just around sunset and sunrise.
Nyaung Shwe is a beautiful town to the South West of Taunggyi in Myanmar state. It’s a major tourist site due to its numerous tourist sites and excellent activities that you can do. In case you love exploring and traveling then this is the right place for you to go. Before you visit this place you must book your accommodation at the Hotel near Bamboo Hut since it’s the best one in Nyaung Shwe town. For you to enjoy your stay at this hotel there are so many interesting things that you can do, some of them are: Puppet show In case you are looking for an entertaining activity that you can do in Nyaung Shwe then you can attend the puppet performance. The tourist does pay $4 for them to attend this show which usually lasts about 30 minutes. This show is very entertaining to all people through the traditional puppet performances and dances. Balloon ride Riding balloons over Inle Lake is one the breathtaking activity that you have to experience when you are at Nyaung Shwe. Through this opportunity, you will be able to experience the beautiful landscape of the Shan State. These balloons are able to accommodate up to 4 people. A flight using this balloons up to the height of 10,000 ft will be able to take you through the mountain, lakes, gardens, and villages. Cooking classes by the local experts In case you love cooking, then you can get ask for assistance at the Hotel near Bamboo Hut where you had your accommodation so that they can direct you to the place where you can attend cooking classes. When you attend the cooking classes you will be assigned a chef who will take you to the local Nyaung Shwe market where he/she will explain to you about the local vegetables and how you can use them. You can learn how to cook the local cuisines. Some of the famous cooking classes in Nyaung Shwe are Bamboo Delight and Mr. Min.
Going for a vacation will allow you to fulfill many of your dreams in life. Taunggyi is one such place in Myanmar which can go so that you can enjoy your vacation. As you go for a vacation to Taunggyi some of the wonderful sites you can visit so that you visit is memorable are: Hpaung Daw U PagodaAt this Pagoda, you will be able to see the 5 statues which represent Buddha but they have been covered thickly with golden leaves such that you cannot recognize them easily. For many years it’s only men who are allowed to place the golden leaves at these statues as a way of adorning them. It’s possible for you to see how these statues used to look some years back (by looking at the historic photos which are hanged on the wall of this pagoda) before the local residents to the distorted hourglass shapes. Next, to this pagoda, there is a boathouse where you can get a chance of seeing a ceremonial boat which has been designed like a hintha bird. Four of these 5 statues are usually placed on this boat for a procession around Inle Lake for once in a year. You can also get a chance to see shops around this pagoda which sell traditional items like the Shan style costumes. If you have money you can buy some of the traditional items. Floating gardens One of the most iconic sites in Taunggyi is the floating gardens which offer livelihood and sustenance for the majority of the local Intha People. These gardens have been made by compressing hyacinth flowers and other water plants and they rest on the surface of Inle Lake. The local residents do use these gardens in growing plants such as vegetables, beans, and tomatoes. You can take a boat ride at the Inle Lake so that you can see how these gardens are rising and falling there able to resist any kind of floods.As you explore these gardens you will be able to pass through various homes and huts on stilts. You can also get an opportunity of seeing the mountain scenery from the lake.Exploring these wonderful places which required you to find a cool and calm place where you can relax your mind. The Hotel near Bamboo Hut is the best place you can get your accommodation during your visit to Taunggyi. With the wonderful services at this hotel, you will definitely enjoy your vacation. In addition, during you stay at the hotel near bamboo hut you can also have a chance of making some new friends since many of the people who visit Taunggyi do get their accommodation at this hotel.
Kalaw is one of the most preferred travel destinations in Myanmar. It is the largest state of the country having numerous catchy attractions to offer its visitors. Each part of the state is worth visiting. Drenched into religious grandeur the state of Kalaw is known for its unique and diverse cultural and geographical features. Palaces, temples, heritage monuments, pilgrimage sites, wildlife parks, and sanctuaries are prime attractions of Kalaw travel and tourism. Tourists from all over the world visit this state of the country quite in good increasing number. And yes the charm of Kalaw tourism never fails to impress its visitors. Some of the sightseeing areas are: Aung Chan Tha Zedi This pagoda is known to be the heart of Kalaw town. It is one of the beautiful pagodas which you must visit once you are in Kalaw town. It has a shiny exterior which is made up of numerous pieces of mirrored glass. Green Hill valley elephant camp This camp offers homage to all animals which are disabled or are too old to work. It’s about 45 min drive from Kalaw town by car. Once you visit this camp you will get an opportunity to learn about the elephants and how to care for them. You can also visit the surrounding forest area and also get an opportunity to bath the elephants but you will not be allowed to ride them.  There are several deserving destinations, fascinating places, and historic cities which are worth visiting on Kalaw tours and travel.This town also offers a wide range of nyaung shwe hotel which varies from mid-budget to budget and luxury. It is possible for you to find suitable accommodation according to your budget, preference, and choice. Inle hotel is one of the wonderful ones that you can stay during your visit to Kalaw. Nearly all the best tourist attraction sites are located near this hotel with some of them a walking distance while others you can take a ride from this hotel.
It is always great to stay in a hotel when you are travelling to Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar especially if you are travelling on your own for adventure. The reason for that is mainly due to the fact that everything gets taken care of for you when you during your stay there. Cooking, cleaning and even your ironing can all be taken care of at these hotels and they will even do it with a smile. If you are travelling to Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar, you can stay at the Hotel near Bamboo Hut which is located around the town. It might be best to find something in the city centre so that you can get around whenever you need to. The city has a well-developed infrastructure that works well where people can get from one place to another with no hassle. Hotel near Bamboo Hut is worthwhile staying at as the accommodation usually comes with all the bells and whistles you need for the perfect holiday in Nyaung Shwe. Nyaung Shwe itself has plenty to offer its residents and visitors and everyone can partake in just about any activity their heart desires. Staying in the town means you have easy access to some of the greatest attractions that Nyaung Shwe has to offer. Khaung Daing Hot Springs When you arrive at this hot springs, the tour guide can direct you on the two options so that you can enjoy your visit. You can decide to choose between the private and public bathing, although all these springs are located inside a building. At this springs natural hot mineral water flows into the private baths and thermal pools thereby offering a picturesque setting for good health and relaxation. Gold smith and silver smith workshops It is located about 12km from Nyaung Shwe in Ywa-ma village and is widely known for silver and goldware. Here you will be able to see silver and gold items made by local craftsmen using their hands. There is also a showroom where you can buy any silver or gold item and them bring to your home.
Are you planning to have an exciting vacation at Myanmar? Do you know any place in Myanmar which the best tourist attraction sites? Do you know any place where you can get your accommodation? If you have never been to Myanmar, these are the kind of questions that you must ask yourself as you are planning your visit to Myanmar.  One of the best places that you can visit is the Kalaw town which as the best hotels to today and also nearby tourist attraction sites. While you are in Kalaw, you will be able to see so many hotels. The Hotel near Bamboo Hut has been observed to best as so many like the services that are offered there.  The hotel near Bamboo Hut is also at the central point where you can access any tourist site that you wish to visit in Kalaw. Some of the places that you can visit which are near Kalaw town are:   The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp   It is about 40 minutes’ drive using a taxi from Kalaw town. This camp was found in the year 2011 to protect the local environment, care for the poorly taken care of and aging elephants at the same time be able to act as a natural tourist site where visitors could see the natural habitat of these elephants. In case you wish to experience how it feels when you ride an elephant, then you can be given a short ride by the tour guides.   Dhamma Yon   It is a two storey temple which is situated at the hill in Kalaw. It offers you the best views of the town. This temple is beautifully designed, and some young monks sleep, play and pray there.   Thanboddhay temple   It is also one of the most exciting places in Kalaw that you can visit; it has a strong link to the Borobudur temple in Indonesia. This temple is designed with stunning architecture and some vibrant colors which are aimed at grabbing the attention of its viewers. There are two white elephants which would guard this temple.