The Sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body,  it’s kind of like a garden hose,  If you can imagine that.  Like a garden hose it can get squeezed at different locations.  If water flows out a garden hose then electricity flows in the sciatic nerve and down  into the leg muscles and  nerves.When the sciatic nerve tries to give power to the muscles in the leg, and it gets  squeezed the electricity that comes out of the nerve is reduced and you feel pain in the muscles because the muscles are not getting enough power to do their job.   This causes the feeling of tightness around the calf and in the buttock area.   It also makes the sciatic nerve  feel like its being pulled almost like a fishing line tensioned when a fisherman attempt to  pull up  on a heavy fish in the ocean.Top 3 Three Reasons For Sciatica Pain:Piriformis: The muscle called the piriformis in your buttock is deep inside the butt, and when it does the work of the gluteus maximus which is your number one hip muscle for running, standing up from a chair, or walking then that small muscle in the butt presses on the sciatic nerve and that causes the pain, numbness and heaviness into the calf and leg.Joints of the Lower Back :  The Sciatic nerve can also get irritated in the lower back segments.  The lower back needs muscle control  to prevent instability.  This means that in order to hold your spine in good position when you are lifting, or bending or even sitting the segments of your spine  must be well supported by your core muscles.   When the segments shift  due to lack of core stability, there is pressure  on  the nerve that comes out of the spinal canal.  This pressure can cause the pain to shoot down the legHip Flexor Tightness: The sciatic nerve can also get irritated when you have a tight hip muscle in the front of your thigh. Most of us sit  for many hours of the day and that creates a shortening of the nerves and muscles in the front of the thigh called the psoas muscle. When our hip tries to do its normal job and push us up from a sitting position or even help us move while we walk it tends to work harder because of lack of  hip flexor mobility.  This makes the sciatic nerve feel tension from overuse. ALLCARE Physical Therapy  aims to add value to people suffering with chronic pain. 80% of people can self fix their own back pain, but it takes the right kind of treatment with the right dosage of exercise aimed at the right location of the body, to get long term relief and recovery. Visit ALLCARE Physical Therapy today and see what type of solutions we have that can get you to not only to feel relief for the short term, but get you to learn how to prevent the pain from ever coming back. Correct maintain and  prevent is what we aim for!Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York CityShoulder impingement relief, shoulder impingement exercisesFrozen shoulder causes and treatmentSciatica treatment surgery, Sciatic Nerve pain Brooklyn, Sciatic Nerve Treatment BrooklynNeck Pain ,Chronic neck pain relief BrooklynLower back pain relief in brooklynbest chiropractor new york, best chiropractor brooklyn, nycrotator cuff surgery, rotator cuff treatment, rotator cuff tear diagnosisDIY Sciatica Pain relief exercises 
This is an era of modernization and our lives are changing at a rapid pace, people are in love with the modern inventions and the ease and happiness they bring to us such as automation and digitization of almost every human task. We are currently enjoying a lavish lifestyle because of these smart inventions but it can be rightly said that there are advantages and disadvantages of everything that exists, and technological advancements also fall under this category. Without a speck of doubt, we can claim that technology has created wonders for us but at the same time it has affected our health and the environment around us to a greater extent. People enjoy being in their comfort zone and do their required jobs by giving commands to their smart devices, but they keep their health at stake for doing so. Using technology for all mechanical work has no doubt saved our time and energy but it has also limited our physical activity which has put a tremendous impact upon our overall mental and physical health.A number of lifestyle diseases have currently bought to light which has a direct impact on an individual’s immunity and physical strength, a lot of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, chronic pain, shoulder impingement, fertility issues, decreased appetite, depression, cardiac problems and many more ailments. Many people go under the knife every day to treat their problems, but they fail to realize that the root cause of the problem remains the same and the cure for it lies within oneself. By adopting ahealthy lifestyle which includes a well-balanced nutritional diet, a healthy exercise routine and practicing proper body mechanics one can keep their mind and soul healthy which will result in overall good health.Physiotherapy is the most ancient form of alternative treatment which Grant’s the healing powers to the one who practice it one regular basis. Consistency and persistence are the key factors to the success of physiotherapy. A physiotherapist addresses to the root cause of the problem by taking help of modern technical aids such as MRI scans, CT scans, X-Rays and many more technical equipments. Once the root cause is identified then physiotherapist with his experience and expertise in his field designs the line oftreatment to be followed, whether the patient needs medication to relief pain or specialized massages and exercises.Selection of a physiotherapist is the most important decision which should be taken carefully because the success and failure of physiotherapy depends greatly upon the skills and expertise of the physiotherapist. A well renowned clinic in the world of physiotherapy is allcarept who can be approached online without any physician’s prescription and people can make free telehealth appointment where they will get best advice and guidance from a very well experienced physiotherapist who guarantees assured cure and success with his treatment but he needs dedication and consistencyfrom his clients to help them improve their conditions.Human beings are the best among the rest creations and so it should be our top most priority to maintain our physical and mental health so we can live a happy and stress free life in this beautiful world and if you have any sort of pain that is ruining your beautiful life then do not forget allcarept is just a click away.Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, New York CityDeep Muscle StimulationShoulder impingement relief, shoulder impingement exercisesFrozen shoulder causes and treatmentSciatica treatment surgery, Sciatic Nerve pain Brooklyn, Sciatic Nerve Treatment Brooklyn