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  • Shaolin Liao
Shaolin Liao
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Nuclear Science and Engineering Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Corresponding Author:shaolin.allen.liao@gmail.com

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We have developed a novel type of 1550-nm Fiber Laser Microphone (FLM) based on miniature Distributed Bragg Reflector/Distributed Feedback Bragg (DBR/DFB) fiber lasers with graphene as , i.e., the graphene-FLM. The graphene-FLM makes full use of the advantages of the high-efficiency a-few-cm-long DBR/DFB fiber lasers and the ultra-sensitive graphene that is as thin as a single atomic layer. We first fabricated the DBR/DFB fiber lasers based on the optimized parameters from the modeling and simulation of Er/Yb co-doped DBR/DFB fiber lasers, using the coupled theory solved by transfer matrix method. Then we transfer the graphene to the DBR/DFB fiber laser's fiber tip through the chemical etching process. We carried laboratory measurement of the graphene-FLM with acoustic frequency up to 10 kHz. The experimental result shows that the graphene-FLM is ultra-sensitive and broadband up to 10 kHz. The graphene-FLM has many potential applications like remote detection of audio/ultrasound, vibration sensing and seismic wave monitoring, and even for biomedical and clinical uses such as keyhole surgery assistance.