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Selina Yang
Apocalypse How?

Corresponding Author:fyang2020@sequoyahschool.org

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Apocalypse How?
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Laura Vican
UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles
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Apocalypse How?
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Meg Mordecai
SAS Physics
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Context: 3200 Phaethon, a PHA under B-type asteriod under C- Complex, is projected to intersect Earth’s orbit in December 2018, reaching the closest distance the asteroid has ever reached Earth since  1983 when it was first discovered. It’s diameter is as big as 5 kilometers with the approximated mass being 2 x 1014 kilograms. With such dimensions, it is predict to have the ability to create a crater ____ in size if it intersects with a surface at its orbital speed(19.9 km per second). 
Aim: The purpose of this study is to generate a feasible, cost- efficient mitigation technique to combat the protential harm 3200 Phaethon can cause.