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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to NRM18 - ‘Mapping Neuroreceptors at Work’. The meeting, established by Prof Albert Gjedde in 1997, represents a vibrant community of in vivo brain researchers deciphering the mysteries of the living human brain: exploring how CNS molecule - protein recognition makes us human – for better or for worse – in sickness and in health. This year’s meeting is no exception and brings together delegates from around the globe to discuss the latest advances and controversies in this constantly evolving field. A record-breaking number of attendees (ca. 300) will be joining the 2018 meeting at KCL Waterloo Campus in central London.In addition to keynote talks on ‘The Neurobiology of Beauty’ (Prof. Semir Zeki) and ‘Of Psychotic Mice and Men’ (Prof. Oliver Howes), the programme includes an impressive collection of the latest scientific research in the field, scheduled as oral and poster presentations. In order to maximise exposure of the submitted abstracts, we have also implemented two ‘rapid-fire’ sessions during the meeting. Other programme additions include the NRM18 ‘Grand Challenge’, a session on ‘Opportunities and Challenges for Total Body Imaging’ and a status update on the ‘Data Sharing Initiative’.In addition to enjoying an excellent scientific program, the conference dinner and entertainment on Wednesday will be held aboard the ‘Dixie Bell’ for a cruise along the river Thames, details of which will be provided during the meeting.The organization of NRM18 would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of many individuals, including the local organising committee and administration, scientific advisory board, reviewers, session chairs, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors and supporters for their invaluable contribution to the conference. Most importantly we would like to thank YOU, the delegates, who never fail to provide lively scientific (and non-scientific) debate during the meeting. We hope you have a stimulating and enjoyable NRM18. Book of abstracts: