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A Monitoring System for Carbon Footprint in A Small Scale Area 
  • Ermeey Abd Kadir
Ermeey Abd Kadir
Universiti Teknologi MARA
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This paper described the development of a monitoring system for carbon footprint in a small scale area. Healthy environment is very important to the people and also to the plant. Healthy environment influence human health and for growth of the plant. Nowadays, many people in the university uses their vehicles to move everywhere in the campus. So , the vehicles released the carbon dioxide to the surrounding. In this research, Carbon Dioxide Mg811 (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide Mq7 (CO) sensor detector  is used to detect the carbon dioxide in the surrounding, so that the people in the campus can know the level of carbon dioxide. This project is developed due to the  problems of air pollution and global warming because of carbon released by vehicles. The main objective of this research project is to develop carbon dioxide sensor to detect the carbon and give awareness to the people by display the level of carbon reading and to test the functionality of the system. The proposed project also followed the approach highlighted by Malaysian government which is trying to decreasing the rate of carbon dioxide by 2020. Therefore, this  project is using Carbon Dioxide Mg811 (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide Mq7 (CO) sensor detector as input to detect the carbon .These input will send the data to Arduino Uno microcontroller. The operational of this monitor carbon footprint is when Carbon Dioxide Mg811 (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide Mq7 (CO) sensor detector detects carbon dioxide gases , LCD will display the level of carbon dioxide and gives the different warning sign on the screen. Led Bar is used to show the level of carbon dioxide reading. For the supply, battery 9v is used. In conclusion, this system is designed to make a clean environment and creating a green university in this campus.