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BFY III Workshop 20:  Alpha Particle Spectroscopy and Energy Loss
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  • Rob Knobel,
  • Bei Cai,
  • Sean Musclow,
  • Will Thompson
Rob Knobel
Queen's University at Kingston

Corresponding Author:knobel@queensu.c

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Bei Cai
Queen's University at Kingston
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Sean Musclow
Queen's University at Kingston
Will Thompson
Queen's University at Kingston


Nuclear and particle physics experiments for undergraduates tend to be expensive, such that most universities only have one set of apparatus for each experiment.  We have designed an experiment that covers the same learning outcomes as our expensive existing experiments: particle counting, spectroscopy and energy loss, but using reconfigurable and cheap equipment.  In this workshop we describe the apparatus, demonstrate the procedure and show the data analysis.  The tools in this experiment have been designed to be reconfigurable and used in open-ended projects later in the course, and we discuss this.