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Advanced Web of Things -  Semantic Web of Things with Blockchain    
  • Davi Nascimento de Paula,
  • Taha Jirjees Ahmed
Davi Nascimento de Paula
TU Berlin

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Taha Jirjees Ahmed
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Blockchain is currently one of the most prominent technologies, both in the academia and in the industry. In addition to its popularity in the field of *cryptocurrencies*, its capabilities are now being explored by other fields of application. Furthermore, Internet of Things allied to Cloud Computing solutions are even more popular. Joining Blockchain and Cloud Computing opens the way to explore new technologies, such as decentralized file systems - which has the power to reduce network transaction costs - and Semantic Web of Things. This current work shows the result of a prototype of a Climate Monitoring Solution, deployed over an Ethereum network and storing the data in a descentralized fashion. We show the benefits of IPFS to store and retrieve data and explore the possibilities of Semantic Web to Blockchain.