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Journal Of Alloys And Compounds Template
  • FangWan


The internal-Mg-diffusion (IMD) processed MgB2 wires obtain high transport critical current densities (Jc) at varied temperatures and magnetic fields. However, liquid Mg just partially reacted with B particle in these strands because the formed compact MgB2 layer inhibited the further infiltration of liquid Mg. Consequently, the IMD wires tend to have a small superconducting area fraction. In this paper, 15 mol% Mg particle was added into B powder to improve the fraction of superconducting area for IMD wires. The best non-barrier Jc of 3 x 104 A/cm2 and the best Je of 9.7 x 103 A/cm2 were attained at 4.2 K and 10 T by the Mg particle-added IMD wire processed by 650 oC and 4 h. Optical microscopy (OM) was used to identify different phases in the wires.