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Evolution of circumbinary protoplanetary disks with photoevaporative winds Due to External Far Ultraviolet Radiation
  • mmshadmehri,
  • Sayyed Masoumeh Ghoreyshi,
  • nak_6455

Corresponding Author:mmshadmehri@gmail.com

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Sayyed Masoumeh Ghoreyshi
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Lifetime of the protoplanetary disks (PPDs) are beleived to be severely constrained by material depleting mechanisms, including photoevaporative winds due to the internal or external radiation sources. Most previous studies focused on exploring role of the winds in the exposed PPD with a single star, however, exploring evolution of the circumbinary disks with phtoevaporative winds due to external radiation sources deserve further investigation. In this study, we follow evolution of circumbinary PPDs with photoevaporative winds due to the external far ultraviolet (FUV) radiation field. We show that this mass losing process severely constrain a PPD properties, including its lifetime, mass and radius. Lifetime of a circumbinary PPD, for instance, is found to be a factor of about 2 longer than a circumstellar analogue. We find that this value strongly depends on the viscosity parameter. To be completed …