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  • David López Pérez
Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
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David López Pérez
Neurocognitive Development Lab and Developmental Psychology Unit, Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
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For many years, it has been speculated that consciousness and cognition could be the based on quantum information  (Atmanspacher 2015) which opposes the view  that  quantum coherence, the primary basis of quantum computing (Nielsen 2010), cannot survive in complex biological systems (Koch 2006, Tegmark 2000). However, recent findings in photosynthesis (Engel 2007, Collini 2010)  have challenged this view suggesting that only long-range quantum coherence between molecules can account for its efficiency in light-harvesting. Here, we investigated if long-range quantum coherence may also play a decisive role in brain function. We found  surprisingly that the cardiac pressure pulse  evoked  zero-quantum coherence (iZQC) (Warren 1998) which were by a magnitude higher than theoretically expected.  From this finding, we concluded that underlying physiological process is  - cautiously speaking - of an unknown macroscopic non-classical kind. The process reveals it importance by it temporal appearance; during consciousness it is highly synchronized with the cardiac pulse,  while during sleep,  no or only sporadic  iZQC could be detected. This findings suggest that this non-classical phenomenon is most likely a necessity for consciousness.