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  • Ralph Barhydt
Ralph Barhydt
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On November 17, 2018, the London Sunday Times, in it's magazine section, published an article under the by-line of "Why the Silicon Valley titans who got our kids addicted to screens are sending their own children to tech-free Waldorf schools.  The article is very interesting but biased.  It seems to charge with the population of Silicon Valley workers and leader of collusion with the world-wide system of Waldorf education with perfidy of protecting their children from the damage to children produced by the technologies they create and sell.  It is also demeaning of the Waldorf founder Rudolf Steiner with twisted, uniformed descriptions of Steiner.  While there is some truth and justification in the charge that the Silicon Valley "elite' send their children to an elite school to save their children from the evil they produce, the viewpoint is distorted and misinformed.  Here is a discussion on the realities of this disturbing situation.