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Many-body materialization amplitudes in quantum electrodynamics
  • Patrick Linker
Patrick Linker
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One of the features of quantum field theory is the creation and annihilation of particles. On the other hand, there were reported that very large objects like human beings materialized from nothing and disappear after a certain time. This research examines roughly, how creation and annihilation of a huge amount of particles can be modeled. Since the dynamics of most everyday-life objects like human beings is governed by electrodynamics (including electrochemical/ chemical reactions), quantum electrodynamics, the generalization of classical electrodynamics, is considered in this research paper. Within this theory, scattering amplitudes for particle numbers in order of \(10^{23}\) are shown and how these are related to well-known quantum-field-theoretical objects like propagators. The Schwinger-Dyson equations in reformulated with operads is used.