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Lymphoma-Causing Aspartame in Dole Whip™ Soft Serve Sold at Disneyland
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  • Jashryl Tutor,
  • Leeroy Jenkins,
  • Rick Astley,
  • Tagert Ellis
Jashryl Tutor
Orange County Department of Health
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Leeroy Jenkins
Orange County Department of Health
Rick Astley
Orange County Department of Health
Tagert Ellis
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Dole Whip® samples from both the Tiki Bar Lounge in Disneyland and the original manufacturer, Dole®, were tested in a 90-day long toxicological study to test the effects each sample would have on Mickeylius myceus, the model organism for this experiment. Those within the Disneyland group that were treated with Dole Whip™ were diagnosed with lymphoma, which was caused by aspartame, an artificial sweetener.