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Project CHECKVIS: Real-time and retrospective monitoring of appointment check-ins to detect abnormal behaviour  
  • Wissal Kobeissi,
  • John Kildea
Wissal Kobeissi
McGill University
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John Kildea
Opal Health Informatics Group
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Purpose: Online room management systems (ORMS) that integrate self-service check-in kiosks have proven to be beneficial for both patients and healthcare providers when implemented in the healthcare industry. At the Cedars Cancer Centre, the ORMS is used along side user-friendly kiosks to check-in patients for their appointments. Occasionally, patients are unable to check-in due to system failures that lead to kiosk downtime. A real-time logging tool that visualizes both retrospective and current kiosk activity can be used to detect downtime periods in the ORMS. 
Methods: The real-time logging tool was generated using JavaScript and HTML. The log file data was organized to ultimately visualize kiosk activity in HighCharts. 
Results: The activity of individual or multiple kiosks can be visualized using the real-time logging tool. Analysis of these plots for May 24, 2017,  demonstrates irregular heartbeat activity which indicates kiosk downtime. Successful and unsuccessful check-in activity can also be visualized. 
Conclusion: Kiosk downtime can be detected using a real-time logging tool that visualizes kiosk activity against time. This information has the potential
to improve the ORMS and to uncover normalities and abnormalities within the system for future research.