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    Complexity in Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing has been established in the industry. More and more companies are making use of cloud services either for supporting core or support processes or even both. Identifying risks in a cloud environment is quite complex (Kiran 2011). This is due to “further concerns like risk, trust, eco-efficiency, green, security or cost” (Kiran 2011) and also because of the multi-layered architecture of services. Figure \ref{fig:cloudscopecontrol} outlines the complexity...

    \label{fig:cloudscopecontrol} Differences in Scope and Control among Cloud Service Models (Jansen 2011)

    Business Process as a Service

    Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) is a new paradigm that extends the existing cloud stack by another new layer. Figure \ref{fig:clouddeploymentstack} shows the comparison of the different deployment models. The BPaaS layer itself is built out of different components and sub-layers, depending on the architectural design.