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AWS Sagemaker Training        
  • Akashdeep Howladar
Akashdeep Howladar

Corresponding Author:h.akashdeep89@gmail.com

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-should u not have any data to work on, then answer a question for which there is some public data
-models doing unexpected outcomes while training on the job
-Glue :: spark pseudo cluster sevice triggered on schedules
-athena :: imposes schema on the files and does SQL, managed presto
-Spectrum ::   join data in S3 from within the warehouse along with data in the enterprise data warehouse that is Redshift, inhouse offering of aws
-orc parque format
-Sagemaker a more Notebook instances
-EDA ready
?? Provision container based on load??
auto scaling, model latency,
You dont get to touch the containers
AB testing doable::: multiple models sitting behind the endpoint