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  • A Clear View of the Universe, through an Open WorldWide Telescope

    The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) software environment gives explorers a Universe at their fingertips. Views of the Sky at wavelengths invisible to the human eye, virtual "3D" space travel, and seamless connections to the ever-expanding web of information online about our understanding of the Universe are available to anyone seeking to explore. WWT lets teachers and students learn in completely new, more engaging and data-rich ways, and it lets scientists communicate results, and share and contextualize data much more effectively than they ever have before. In this short article, written to commemorate the full "open-sourcing" of WorldWide Telescope software by Microsoft in 2015, we highlight just a few of the ways WWT has, and will continue to, change education, research, and scholarly communication. Detailed examples of how WorldWide Telescope is used in various settings are described at

    WorldWide Telescope in Research and Publication

    Connections to ADS

    Sky-based access to ADS listings

    The ADS All Sky Survey "Heat maps"

    Speeding Contextualization

    "See this Image on the Sky"

    • Via the Astronomy Image Explorer
    • Importing User Data

    Communicating via Tours and Collections

    "Quick" Tours

    Tour Abstracts for Journals

    Video abstracts are easily created in WorldWide Telsecope to introduce articles published in Academic and professional Journals. An example of such introduction for a paper entitled Radio Observations of the Galactic Center: Photoevaporative Proplyd-like Objects near Sgr A*, F. Yusef-Zadeh, D. A. Roberts, M. Wardle, W. Cotton, R. Schodel & M.J. Royster, to be published in ApJ Letters.

    Collections for Quick Collaboration

    Collections and Interactions with Archives