The Bones of the Milky Way

Instructions for Co-Authors

The full file repository for this paper is at a shared Google Drive directory,, shared with all co-authors.

NOTE: The “aas” (press conference) slides at give a better idea of where this draft is going than the text/figures here as of now... AG will update all by c.1/1/13!

The Mendeley Library “Nessie and Friends” used to house references used in this work, at:, but since Authorea works more directly with ADS links, we’ll use the ADS Private Library at instead. The Mendeley library is the source of the nessie.bib file in the “Bibliography” folder here on Authorea, but I am not sure how to get the ADS references out as a .bib file. xxAlberto?xx

The Glue software used to intercompare data sets used in this work is online through:

We are using as an experimental platform to compile this paper. The manual steps we will need to take before submission include:

  • download LaTeX file

  • modify LaTeX file to use aas macros

  • insert needed information (e.g. about authors, running header) into was version of LaTeX manuscript

  • extract needed figures from relevant folders here & bundle them with LaTeX manuscript & macros

  • create .bib file from ADS Private Library

  • add .bib file to folder with manuscript & figures

  • fix in-line referencing so that \(\citet\) and \(\citep\) commands work

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