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Climbers-for-Climbers chains of interviews
  • Inga P,
  • Russ Hodge
Inga P
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Russ Hodge
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At the beginning of 2018, I initiated "Climbers-for-Climbers chains of interviews" by inviting my friends (climbers) to fulfill a questionnaire with uniform and mostly climbing-related questions. Interview questions were divided into six categories: facts, history, motivation, opinions,  questions, recommendations. Each invited climber should, at the end of the questionnaire, recommend the next climber to fulfill the same interview. Climbers are limited to recommend only their close friends or acquaintances with whom they share at least one climbing experience. I initially invited four different climbers: (1) a Croatian climber (where I am originally from) - Enna Peros, (2) a German climber (where I live at the moment) - Stephan Vogt, (3) a World Cup winner climber (who is my dear friend) - Stasa Gejo, and  (4) and a +50 climber - Rafa Vadillo.  In the meantime, I invited other climbers as well, but their interviews will be published separately from the chain of interviews.
Results: to be continued.